Avatar IMAX 3D Movie Review

James Cameron’s blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’ needs to be seen in IMAX 3D in order to not leave anything on the table as far as movie-making magic goes.

Certainly one could say that this movie is based partly on science, and partly on art. My first impression of the movie was that James Cameron basically had an orgasm on film — not literally of course. Every minute detail of the imagery is controlled to create the kind of total fantasy world that took me away for the duration of the movie.

My one headscratcher during the movie is that there is a particular flying critter, the largest in the land, that appears made of silk materials. Perhaps it was intentional to distinguish the role the critter would later play in the climax of the movie? It just seemed a little less natural of a skin than the other creatures brought to life from Cameron’s imagination.

The story is just ok enough to not matter too much as compared to the staggering shock and awe of the visuals. The plot is somewhat tried and true and I cannot blame the studio and James Cameron for playing it safe, since the special effects are such a monumental leap forward for Hollywood.

Go see Avatar in IMAX 3D to see the whole movie. Without the 3D, some of the grandeur of the movie is not present.

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